Some other creative bits I have done outside of work.

Graphic Design for Film workshop

I attended Annie Atkins workshop on Graphic Design for Film in Dublin, Ireland in September 2017. I learned how to make and age props including hand-lettering for a theatre sign, calligraphy, Dracula’s passport, a telegram, a stamped envelope, and a page from the Book of Kells.

Brush lettering/calligraphy

Keen to improve the calligraphy skills I learned at the Graphic Design for film workshop, I attended a brush lettering workshop and have put this into practice at friends’ weddings.

Gabberish Contributor

I contributed to Issue #9 of Gabberish, responding to the theme ‘Optimism’.

Visual Development Course

I completed a visual development course at PAD as part of my development at M&C Saatchi. I looked at character design, environment design and composition.